Sweet Devil!USUK

have a transparent devul alfredo

have a transparent devul alfredo

My Arthur is the one crying tho

Isn’t it?

[[Thank you very much, you all! For everything!

2013 was a incredible year, yes. I met a lot of amazing people. And I’m very happy to be part of this fandom! I’m not really good with words but I just want to wish a great new year for everyone! Thank you again for all the support! All the best for 2014! QvQ]]

//whispers// im in love with your drawing style

[[image - The chinchilla is flattered]]


//I hope you guys like your chibified muses as presents! There were originally 22 people who sent me a ‘chibify me’ but then I ended up adding another 17 as presents for other Ask!blogs, ahaha.

Also, sorry for the long post everyone. I don’t want you clicking on ‘read more’ and having to go to my tumblr page for it. I just want the images to all be together and easily seen. I also would have drawn more but I’m running low on the mentality to keep awake right now, hahaha.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! (; v ;)/